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[YRM-004] Reduced and polynomial approximation strategies for parametrized and stochastic PDEs - I (Tamellini, Manzoni)

The reduced basis method for nonlinear elasticity
Lorenzo Zanon

[MSP-007] Complex systems II (Organizer(s): Sacerdote)

A Statistical approach to recognize interactions between neurons
Laura Sacerdote, Massimiliano Tamborrino, Cristina Zucca*

[MSP-015] Integral equations: numerical methods and applications - I (Organizer(s):Aimi, Diligenti, Monegato))

Numerical methods for the solution of integral equations in imaging
Elena Loli Piccolomini, Fabiana Zama*

[MSP-016] Integral equations: numerical methods and applications - II (Organizer(s):Aimi, Diligenti, Monegato)

Recent advances in fracture mechanics modeling via boundary elements
Alberto Salvadori, Alessandro Temponi*, Luca Zani

[MSP-028] Mathematical problems in semiconductors and related topics - I (Organizer(s):Muscato, Majorana, Romano))

Two spinorial drift-diffusion models for quantum electron transport in graphene.
Ansgar Juengel, Luigi Barletti, Nicola Zamponi*

[MSP-032] Networks and optimization (Organizer(s): Chinnici)

Existence results for non 'convex' variational problems in L∞
Ana Margarida Ribeiro, Elvira Zappale*

[MSP-040] Numerical modelling for engineering applications involving complex fluids and geometries - I (Berrone, Verani)

URANSE simulations of complex moving bodies by means of dynamic overlapping grids
Stefano Zaghi*, Riccardo Broglia, Roberto Muscari, Andrea Di Mascio

[MSP-041] Numerical modelling for engineering applications involving complex fluids and geometries - II(Berrone, Verani)

Computational models for large contrast problems applied to microscale analysis of tissue engineered constructs.
Laura Cattaneo, Carlo de Falco, Paolo Zunino*
An immersed boundary method applied to cardiovascular simulations
Laura Cattaneo*, Elena Cutrì, Paolo Zunino

[MSP-042] Optimization methods for inverse problems in imaging and machine learning (Organizer(s):Ruggiero, Zanni)

An alternating direction method for constrained linear least-squares problems with application to image restoration
Jianjun Zhang, Benedetta Morini*

[MSP-047] Topics in rational mechanics (Organizer(s):Frosali)

Nonlinear analysis of the two-mass-skate bicycle model
Giovanni Frosali, Francesco Ricci*, Federico Zinelli

[MSP-051] Variational methods for problems in applied sciences - II (Organizer(s):Chiado' Piat, Zappale)

On a rate-independent modeling in damage
Dorothee Knees, Riccarda Rossi, Chiara Zanini*

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