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[YRM-001] Beyond the mesh: handling geometry with unconventional methods (Organizers: Scotti, Dassi)

Optimal transformation mesh-free method: a mesh-free method for solid and fluid flows
Edie Miglio, Mattia Penati*
Automatic, hierarchic and adaptive mesh generation on CAD surfaces for BEM simulations of ship hydrodynamics
Antonio DeSimone, Luca Heltai, Andrea Mola*

[YRM-004] Reduced and polynomial approximation strategies for parametrized and stochastic PDEs - I (Tamellini, Manzoni)

Computational and geometrical reduction strategies for parametrized fluid dynamics equations
Toni Lassila, Gianluigi Rozza, Alfio Quarteroni, Andrea Manzoni*
Approximation of quantities of interest in stochastic PDES by the discrete L2 projection on polynomial spaces with random evaluations
Giovanni Migliorati*, Fabio Nobile, Erik von Schwerin, Raul Tempone
Polynomial chaos decomposition for differential models including technology variability
Paolo Manfredi, Igor S. Stievano*, Flavio G. Canavero

[YRM-005] Reduced and polynomial approximation strategies for parametrized and stochastic PDEs - II (Tamellini, Manzoni)

Reduced basis method for parametrized optimal control problems
Federico Negri*, Andrea Manzoni, Alfio Quarteroni, Gianluigi Rozza

[MSP-001] Advances in numerical methods and applications I (Organizer(s):Naldi)

Shape parametrization and computational reduction for real-time simulations in varying geometries
Gianluigi Rozza*, Toni Lassila, Andrea Manzoni, Alfio Quarteroni

[MSP-004] Approximation methods for data and image processing - I (Organizer(s):Cotronei, Lamberti, Rossini)

Statistical and deterministic methods for image reconstruction in X-ray solar astronomy
Federico Benvenuto*, Anna Maria Massone, Michele Piana

[MSP-005] Approximation methods for data and image processing - II (Organizer(s):Cotronei, Lamberti, Rossini)

CAD System for the treatment of neurological bioimages
Giuseppe Lamponi*, Lilla Bonanno*, Francesco Bertè, Alessia Bramanti, Silvia Marino, Placido Bramanti, Pietro Lanzafame

[MSP-006] Complex systems I (Organizer(s):Sacerdote)

Statistical study of the interaction between the spread of an influenza epidemics and human mobility
Alessandra Micheletti

[MSP-008] Complex systems III (Organizer(s): Sacerdote)

Optimal kinematics of supercoiled filaments
Francesca Maggioni*, Florian A. Potra, Marida Bertocchi

[MSP-009] Computational and statistical methods for biomedical applications - I (Organizer(s):Sangalli, Vergara)

Numerical simulations for percutaneous vascular surgery: from diagnosis to prediction
Ferdinando Auricchio, Michele Conti*, Simone Morganti, Alessandro Reali

[MSP-011] Developments of graph theory to networks - I (Organizer(s):Imbesi, La Barbiera)

Vertex cover ideals of chordal graphs
Mariella Murgia

[MSP-014] From nano to macro: modeling and simulation (Organizer(s): Riccardi)

Analysis and simulations of the initial phase in multispecies biofilm formation
Berardino D'Acunto, Luigi Frunzo*, Maria Rosaria Mattei
A mathematical model explaining high flow rate in nanotubes
Francesco Calabrò*, Davide Mattia

[MSP-015] Integral equations: numerical methods and applications - I (Organizer(s):Aimi, Diligenti, Monegato))

Gaussian rules w.r.t. exponential weights in finite or infinite intervals
Giuseppe Mastroianni
A time-dependent absorbing boundary condition for the numerical solution of exterior wave equation problems
Silvia Falletta*, Giovanni Monegato

[MSP-016] Integral equations: numerical methods and applications - II (Organizer(s):Aimi, Diligenti, Monegato)

Parallel implementation of a SGBEM for the analysis of elastostatics 3D crack problems with unilateral contact on GPU’s and multicore CPU’s
Edoardo Conrado, Stefano Miccoli*

[MSP-017] Integral equations: numerical methods and applications - III (Organizer(s):Aimi, Diligenti, Monegato)

Direct methods for CSIE in weighted Zygmund spaces with uniform norm
Maria Carmela De Bonis*, Giuseppe Mastroianni
Numerical analysis of nonlinear Volterra integral equations: stability with respect to bounded perturbations
Eleonora Messina*, Elvira Russo, Antonia Vecchio

[MSP-019] Large-scale numerical linear algebra and optimization (Organizer(s):Bellavia, De Simone)

Quasi Newton updates of preconditioners for large size nonlinear systems arising in finite element discretizations of groundwater flow models
Luca Bergamaschi*, Angeles Martinez, Mario Putti
A preconditioning framework for sequences of linear systems in optimization
Stefania Bellavia, Valentina De Simone, Daniela di Serafino*, Benedetta Morini

[MSP-020] Mathematical and numerical modelling in geosciences (Organizer(s):Miglio, Formaggia)

Asymmetry of thermal structure at slow-spreading ridges: plate kinematics, geodynamic and numerical modelling
Marco Cuffaro*, Edie Miglio

[MSP-023] Mathematical methods in decisions, economics, finance and games - III (Carfi, Ricciardello, Schiliro')

Public pension system sustainability
Marinella Cadoni, Alessandro Trudda, Roberta Melis*
On the countries' technological level
Umberto Lucia, Giuseppe Maino*

[MSP-025] Mathematical modelling in biomedicine I (Organizer(s):Preziosi)

Simulating human cardial electrophysiology with unstructured all-hexahedral spectral elements
Gianmauro Cuccuru, Giorgio Fotia*, Fabio Maggio

[MSP-028] Mathematical problems in semiconductors and related topics - I (Organizer(s):Muscato, Majorana, Romano))

Multiband transport in composite materials: effective mass theorem.
Omar Morandi

[MSP-029] Mathematical problems in semiconductors and related topics - II (Organizer(s):Muscato, Majorana, Romano)

Simulation of 2D nanoscale double-gate MOSFETs including crystal heating
Vito Dario Camiola, Giovanni Mascali, Vittorio Romano*
Hydrodynamical models for compound semiconductors
Giovanni Mascali*, Giuseppe Alì, Vittorio Romano, Rosa Claudia Torcasio
Hydrodynamic simulation of silicon nanowires
Vincenza Di Stefano*, Orazio Muscato

[MSP-030] Mathematical problems in semiconductors and related topics - III (Organizer(s):Muscato, Majorana, Romano)

Thermoelectric effects in silicon quantum wires
Orazio Muscato

[MSP-032] Networks and optimization (Organizer(s): Chinnici)

A mathematical model for container assignment optimization on intermodal networks
Maurizio Arnone, Micheal G.H. Bell, Simona Mancini*

[MSP-034] New problems arising in Mathematical Modeling of smart and biological materials - II (Andreucci, Carillo)

Modelling of active particles in a mixture of fluids
Giacomo Caviglia, Angelo Morro*

[MSP-036] New problems arising in mathematical modeling of smart and biological materials - IV (Andreucci, Carillo)

A phase-field model for shape memory alloys at macroscopic scale: uni-axial deformation tests under different control conditions.
Mirko Maraldi, Luisa Molari, Diego Grandi*

[MSP-037] New problems arising in mathematical modeling of smart and biological materials - V (Andreucci, Carillo)

Diffusion and current-voltage curves in potassium channels
Daniele Andreucci, Dario Bellaveglia*, Emilio N.M. Cirillo, Silvia Marconi

[MSP-038] Nonlinear evolution equations: analytical and geometrical methods - I (Organizer(s): Demontis, Ortenzi)

Nonlinear propagation in optical fibers: a perturbation theory for the stochastic nonlinear Schrödinger equation
Marco Secondini*, Domenico Marsella, Enrico Forestieri

[MSP-040] Numerical modelling for engineering applications involving complex fluids and geometries - I (Berrone, Verani)

Algorithms for adaptive particle distributions and multi-resolution in SPH schemes
Salvatore Marrone*, Andrea Colagrossi, Benjamin Bouscasse, David Le Touzé, Daniel Barcarolo
URANSE simulations of complex moving bodies by means of dynamic overlapping grids
Stefano Zaghi*, Riccardo Broglia, Roberto Muscari, Andrea Di Mascio
Two and three dimensional simulation of flow and particle transport in porous media
Matteo Icardi*, Gianluca Boccardo, Francesca Messina, Daniele L. Marchisio, Rajandrea Sethi

[MSP-042] Optimization methods for inverse problems in imaging and machine learning (Organizer(s):Ruggiero, Zanni)

Nonparametric sparsity via derivative-based regularization
Sofia Mosci, Lorenzo Rosasco, Matteo Santoro, Alessandro Verri, Silvia Villa*
An alternating direction method for constrained linear least-squares problems with application to image restoration
Jianjun Zhang, Benedetta Morini*

[MSP-044] Topics in classical mechanics (Organizer(s):Groppi)

A unified master-equations-based setting for the analysis of chemical reactions
Alessandro Borri, Francesco Carravetta*, Gabriella Mavelli, Pasquale Palumbo

[MSP-047] Topics in rational mechanics (Organizer(s):Frosali)

Mathematical modelling of mikrokopter
Andrea Alaimo, Cristina L.R Milazzo*, Marianna Ruggieri

[MSP-049] Variational inequalities and network equilibrium problems (Organizer(s):Barbagallo, Maugeri)

Advanced results on infinite dimensional duality in elastic-plastic torsion
Sofia Giuffrè, Antonino Maugeri*
Partial cooperation in strategic game
Lina Mallozzi*, Stef Tijs

[MSP-051] Variational methods for problems in applied sciences - II (Organizer(s):Chiado' Piat, Zappale)

A quasistatic evolution model for perfectly plastic plates derived by Γ-convergence
Elisa Davoli*, Maria Giovanna Mora
Determination of the equivalent anisotropy properties of polycrystalline magnetic materials: theoretical aspects and numerical analysis
Oriano Bottauscio, Valeria Chiadò Piat, Michela Eleuteri*, Luca Lussardi, Alessandra Manzin

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