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[YRM-001] Beyond the mesh: handling geometry with unconventional methods (Organizers: Scotti, Dassi)

Automatic, hierarchic and adaptive mesh generation on CAD surfaces for BEM simulations of ship hydrodynamics
Antonio DeSimone, Luca Heltai, Andrea Mola*

[MSP-001] Advances in numerical methods and applications I (Organizer(s):Naldi)

Approximated nonstationary iterated Tikhonov with application to image deblurring
Marco Donatelli*, Martin Hanke

[MSP-038] Nonlinear evolution equations: analytical and geometrical methods - I (Organizer(s): Demontis, Ortenzi)

Propagating two-dimensional magnetic droplets
Mark A. Hoefer, Matteo Sommacal*

[MSP-041] Numerical modelling for engineering applications involving complex fluids and geometries - II(Berrone, Verani)

The role of membrane viscosity in the dynamics of fluid membranes
Marino Arroyo, Antonio DeSimone, Luca Heltai*

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