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[YRM-001] Beyond the mesh: handling geometry with unconventional methods (Organizers: Scotti, Dassi)

Anisotropic mesh adaptation for PDE defined on implicit surfaces
Simona Perotto, Luca Formaggia, Franco Dassi*

[YRM-002] Mathematical models for renewable energy sources (Organizer(s): Felaco, Di Michele)

A 1-D model for pressure retarded osmosis
Federica Di Michele, Ingenuin Gasser, Henning Struchtrup, Elisabetta Felaco*

[YRM-003] Numerical resolution of PDE: the potentiality of the LifeV library (Organizer(s): Fumagalli, Dassi)

An isogeometric analyis module for LifeV
Paolo Crosetto*, Luca Dedè, Carlo Falco
Numerical modeling of sedimentary basin evolution on HPC systems
Antonio Cervone*, Nur Aiman Fadel

[MSP-003] Advances in numerical methods and applications III (Organizer(s):Naldi)

XFEM for Darcy problems with networks of fractures
Alessio Fumagalli*, Anna Scotti

[MSP-006] Complex systems I (Organizer(s):Sacerdote)

A discrete kinetic theory approach to modeling vehicular traffic
Luisa Fermo

[MSP-010] Computational and statistical methods for biomedical applications - II (Organizer(s):Sangalli, Vergara)

Modeling mandibular shape variation using bayesian ANOVA models
Lara Fontanella, Luigi Ippoliti*, Pasquale Valentini
Interpolation-based reconstruction of human carotid dynamics from magnetic resonance images
Elena Faggiano*, Luca Antiga

[MSP-012] Developments of graph theory to networks - II (Organizer(s):Imbesi, La Barbiera)

Binomial ideals and graphs
Gioia Failla

[MSP-014] From nano to macro: modeling and simulation (Organizer(s): Riccardi)

Analysis and simulations of the initial phase in multispecies biofilm formation
Berardino D'Acunto, Luigi Frunzo*, Maria Rosaria Mattei

[MSP-015] Integral equations: numerical methods and applications - I (Organizer(s):Aimi, Diligenti, Monegato))

A time-dependent absorbing boundary condition for the numerical solution of exterior wave equation problems
Silvia Falletta*, Giovanni Monegato
A numerical method for the Dirichlet problem on domains with corners
Luisa Fermo, Concetta Laurita*

[MSP-018] Integral equations: numerical methods and applications - IV (Organizer(s):Aimi, Diligenti, Monegato)

Numerical modelling of electromagnetic sources by integral formulation
Guido Ala, Elisa Francomano, Salvatore Ganci*
A stable energetic Galerkin BEM for 3D wave propagation interior problems
Alessandra Aimi, Mauro Diligenti, Attilio Frangi, Chiara Guardasoni*

[MSP-019] Large-scale numerical linear algebra and optimization (Organizer(s):Bellavia, De Simone)

Sparse approximate inverse updated preconditioners revisited
Daniele Bertaccini*, Salvatore Filippone

[MSP-020] Mathematical and numerical modelling in geosciences (Organizer(s):Miglio, Formaggia)

Numerical methods for multiphase flows in fractured porous media
Alessio Fumagalli, Anna Scotti*

[MSP-025] Mathematical modelling in biomedicine I (Organizer(s):Preziosi)

Simulating human cardial electrophysiology with unstructured all-hexahedral spectral elements
Gianmauro Cuccuru, Giorgio Fotia*, Fabio Maggio

[MSP-026] Mathematical modelling in biomedicine II (Organizer(s):Preziosi)

Numerical Modelling for EM-fields and biosystems interactions
Guido Ala, Elisa Francomano*, Salvatore Ganci

[MSP-032] Networks and optimization (Organizer(s): Chinnici)

Topological modeling of malware propagation in networks
Vincenzo Fioriti, Andrea Arbore, Marta Chinnici*

[MSP-038] Nonlinear evolution equations: analytical and geometrical methods - I (Organizer(s): Demontis, Ortenzi)

Nonlinear propagation in optical fibers: a perturbation theory for the stochastic nonlinear Schrödinger equation
Marco Secondini*, Domenico Marsella, Enrico Forestieri

[MSP-039] Nonlinear evolution equations: analytical and geometrical methods - II (Organizer(s): Demontis, Ortenzi)

An inertia 'paradox' for incompressible stratified Euler fluids
R. Camassa, S. Chen, G. Falqui, G. Ortenzi, Marco Pedroni*

[MSP-042] Optimization methods for inverse problems in imaging and machine learning (Organizer(s):Ruggiero, Zanni)

Optimized limited angle tomography
Iuri Frosio, Nunzio Alberto Borghese*

[MSP-043] Packing optimization problems in space engineering (Organizer(s):Fasano)

A global optimization approach for solving non-standard packing problems with additional constraints
Giorgio Fasano
Exploiting empty spaces of a partially loaded container by adding virtual items
Giorgio Fasano, Maria Chiara Vola*
Approximate solutions to the basic 3D-packing MIP model by a non-linear approach
Giorgio Fasano, Alessandro Castellazzo*
The CAST (Cargo Accommodation Support Tool) project
Giorgio Fasano*, Claudia Lavopa, Davide Negri, Maria Chiara Vola

[MSP-047] Topics in rational mechanics (Organizer(s):Frosali)

Nonlinear analysis of the two-mass-skate bicycle model
Giovanni Frosali, Francesco Ricci*, Federico Zinelli

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