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[YRM-001] Beyond the mesh: handling geometry with unconventional methods (Organizers: Scotti, Dassi)

Anisotropic mesh adaptation for PDE defined on implicit surfaces
Simona Perotto, Luca Formaggia, Franco Dassi*
Automatic, hierarchic and adaptive mesh generation on CAD surfaces for BEM simulations of ship hydrodynamics
Antonio DeSimone, Luca Heltai, Andrea Mola*

[YRM-002] Mathematical models for renewable energy sources (Organizer(s): Felaco, Di Michele)

Mathematical modeling and simulations of parabolic trough power plants
Federica Di Michele*, Ingenuin Gasser
A 1-D model for pressure retarded osmosis
Federica Di Michele, Ingenuin Gasser, Henning Struchtrup, Elisabetta Felaco*

[YRM-003] Numerical resolution of PDE: the potentiality of the LifeV library (Organizer(s): Fumagalli, Dassi)

An isogeometric analyis module for LifeV
Paolo Crosetto*, Luca Dedè, Carlo Falco

[MSP-001] Advances in numerical methods and applications I (Organizer(s):Naldi)

Approximated nonstationary iterated Tikhonov with application to image deblurring
Marco Donatelli*, Martin Hanke

[MSP-005] Approximation methods for data and image processing - II (Organizer(s):Cotronei, Lamberti, Rossini)

Medical image registration using compactly supported functions
Alessandra De Rossi
Reconstruction of volume data by trivariate quartic C^2 box splines
Catterina Dagnino, Paola Lamberti*, Sara Remogna

[MSP-006] Complex systems I (Organizer(s):Sacerdote)

Improving multicomponent systems via randomization
Antonio Di Crescenzo*, Franco Pellerey

[MSP-007] Complex systems II (Organizer(s): Sacerdote)

A mathematical model for value estimation with public information and herding
Marcello Delitala*, Tommaso Lorenzi
From heterogeneous vehicle-driver behaviors to first order traffic flow macroscopic models
Marina Dolfin

[MSP-010] Computational and statistical methods for biomedical applications - II (Organizer(s):Sangalli, Vergara)

PDE penalized statistical estimation of blood flow velocity profiles
Laura Azzimonti*, Laura Maria Sangalli, Piercesare Secchi, Maurizio Domanin, Silvia Romagnoli

[MSP-014] From nano to macro: modeling and simulation (Organizer(s): Riccardi)

Analysis and simulations of the initial phase in multispecies biofilm formation
Berardino D'Acunto, Luigi Frunzo*, Maria Rosaria Mattei

[MSP-017] Integral equations: numerical methods and applications - III (Organizer(s):Aimi, Diligenti, Monegato)

Direct methods for CSIE in weighted Zygmund spaces with uniform norm
Maria Carmela De Bonis*, Giuseppe Mastroianni
An energetic approach to BEM-FEM coupling for wave propagation phenomena
Alessandra Aimi*, Mauro Diligenti, Chiara Guardasoni, Stefano Panizzi

[MSP-018] Integral equations: numerical methods and applications - IV (Organizer(s):Aimi, Diligenti, Monegato)

A stable energetic Galerkin BEM for 3D wave propagation interior problems
Alessandra Aimi, Mauro Diligenti, Attilio Frangi, Chiara Guardasoni*
Canonical properties of general linear methods for Hamiltonian problems
Raffaele D'Ambrosio*, John C. Butcher

[MSP-019] Large-scale numerical linear algebra and optimization (Organizer(s):Bellavia, De Simone)

A preconditioning framework for sequences of linear systems in optimization
Stefania Bellavia, Valentina De Simone, Daniela di Serafino*, Benedetta Morini

[MSP-025] Mathematical modelling in biomedicine I (Organizer(s):Preziosi)

Closed-loop control of plasma glycemia: a DDE model-based approach
Pasquale Palumbo*, Giulia Pizzichelli, Simona Panunzi, Pierdomenico Pepe, Andrea De Gaetano

[MSP-026] Mathematical modelling in biomedicine II (Organizer(s):Preziosi)

Optimal control of culling in epidemic models for wildlife
Maria Groppi*, Valentina Tessoni, Luca Bolzoni, Giulio A. De Leo

[MSP-027] Mathematical modelling in biomedicine III (Organizer(s):Preziosi)

A mathematical model for p53 nuclear accumulation
Jean Clairambault, Luna Dimitrio*, Roberto Natalini

[MSP-029] Mathematical problems in semiconductors and related topics - II (Organizer(s):Muscato, Majorana, Romano)

Hydrodynamic simulation of silicon nanowires
Vincenza Di Stefano*, Orazio Muscato

[MSP-030] Mathematical problems in semiconductors and related topics - III (Organizer(s):Muscato, Majorana, Romano)

Scalable numerical algorithms for transient simulation of power electronics devices
Marco Bellini, Carlo de Falco*, Marco Restelli
Multiscale modeling and simulation of organic solar cells
Carlo De Falco, Matteo Porro, Riccardo Sacco*, Maurizio Verri

[MSP-032] Networks and optimization (Organizer(s): Chinnici)

A parallel biological neural network of hippocampus region on GPU
Salvatore Cuomo, Pasquale De Michele*

[MSP-037] New problems arising in mathematical modeling of smart and biological materials - V (Andreucci, Carillo)

Two-phase mass transfer in drug delivery problems: an application to the drug-eluting stent
Giuseppe Pontrelli*, Andrea di Mascio, Filippo de Monte

[MSP-040] Numerical modelling for engineering applications involving complex fluids and geometries - I (Berrone, Verani)

URANSE simulations of complex moving bodies by means of dynamic overlapping grids
Stefano Zaghi*, Riccardo Broglia, Roberto Muscari, Andrea Di Mascio

[MSP-041] Numerical modelling for engineering applications involving complex fluids and geometries - II(Berrone, Verani)

Computational models for large contrast problems applied to microscale analysis of tissue engineered constructs.
Laura Cattaneo, Carlo de Falco, Paolo Zunino*
The role of membrane viscosity in the dynamics of fluid membranes
Marino Arroyo, Antonio DeSimone, Luca Heltai*

[MSP-044] Topics in classical mechanics (Organizer(s):Groppi)

Exponentially fitted methods for second order ordinary differential equations with parameter estimation
Raffaele D'Ambrosio, Beatrice Paternoster*

[MSP-046] Topics in fluid dynamics - II (Organizer(s):De Bernardis)

Stokes flows in axisymmetric geometries
Giorgio Riccardi*, Enrico De Bernardis

[MSP-050] Variational methods for problems in applied sciences - I (Organizer(s):Chiado' Piat, Zappale)

Asymptotic analysis of a system of edge dislocations
Lucia De Luca, Adriana Garroni*, Marcello Ponsiglione
Variational discrete models in image reconstruction
Andrea Braides, Anneliese Defranceschi, Enrico Vitali*
Homogenization of a graphene sheet
Cesare Davini

[MSP-051] Variational methods for problems in applied sciences - II (Organizer(s):Chiado' Piat, Zappale)

A quasistatic evolution model for perfectly plastic plates derived by Γ-convergence
Elisa Davoli*, Maria Giovanna Mora

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