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[YRM-002] Mathematical models for renewable energy sources (Organizer(s): Felaco, Di Michele)

Renewable energy incentive schemes: performance comparison using optimal control
Neeraj Oak*, Alan Champneys, Daniel Lawson

[YRM-003] Numerical resolution of PDE: the potentiality of the LifeV library (Organizer(s): Fumagalli, Dassi)

An isogeometric analyis module for LifeV
Paolo Crosetto*, Luca Dedè, Carlo Falco
Numerical modeling of sedimentary basin evolution on HPC systems
Antonio Cervone*, Nur Aiman Fadel

[YRM-004] Reduced and polynomial approximation strategies for parametrized and stochastic PDEs - I (Tamellini, Manzoni)

Polynomial chaos decomposition for differential models including technology variability
Paolo Manfredi, Igor S. Stievano*, Flavio G. Canavero

[MSP-001] Advances in numerical methods and applications I (Organizer(s):Naldi)

Approximation by sigmoidal functions and applications
Danilo Costarelli*, Renato Spigler
Constrained nonlinear optimization for parameters identification in imaging
Anastasia Cornelio*, Elena Loli Piccolomini, James G. Nagy

[MSP-002] Advances in numerical methods and applications II (Organizer(s):Naldi)

A RKDG scheme for 2D SWE on curved boundary domains
Valerio Caleffi*, Alessandro Valiani

[MSP-003] Advances in numerical methods and applications III (Organizer(s):Naldi)

Discontinuous Galerkin approximation of relaxation models for nonlinear diffusion equations
Fausto Cavalli, Giovanni Naldi*, Ilaria Perugia

[MSP-004] Approximation methods for data and image processing - I (Organizer(s):Cotronei, Lamberti, Rossini)

A high capacity fragile and reversible medical image watermarking method
Nello Balossino, Davide Cavagnino, Marco Grangetto, Maurizio Lucenteforte*, Sergio Rabellino
Nonstationary biorthogonal wavelet filters
Vittoria Bruni*, Mariantonia Cotronei, Francesca Pitolli

[MSP-005] Approximation methods for data and image processing - II (Organizer(s):Cotronei, Lamberti, Rossini)

Partition of unity algorithms for two-dimensional interpolation using radial basis functions
Roberto Cavoretto

[MSP-006] Complex systems I (Organizer(s):Sacerdote)

Multiscale probabilistic models for collective behaviors in living complex systems - Focus on crowd dynamics
Emiliano Cristiani, Benedetto Piccoli, Andrea Tosin*

[MSP-009] Computational and statistical methods for biomedical applications - I (Organizer(s):Sangalli, Vergara)

Numerical simulations for percutaneous vascular surgery: from diagnosis to prediction
Ferdinando Auricchio, Michele Conti*, Simone Morganti, Alessandro Reali
High performance finite elements library LifeV: a fluid-structure interaction module for hemodynamic applications
Paolo Crosetto

[MSP-014] From nano to macro: modeling and simulation (Organizer(s): Riccardi)

A mathematical model explaining high flow rate in nanotubes
Francesco Calabrò*, Davide Mattia

[MSP-016] Integral equations: numerical methods and applications - II (Organizer(s):Aimi, Diligenti, Monegato)

Structured matrix spectral analysis of photonic crystals
Pietro Contu, Cornelis van der Mee*, Sebastiano Seatzu
Parallel implementation of a SGBEM for the analysis of elastostatics 3D crack problems with unilateral contact on GPU’s and multicore CPU’s
Edoardo Conrado, Stefano Miccoli*

[MSP-017] Integral equations: numerical methods and applications - III (Organizer(s):Aimi, Diligenti, Monegato)

A class of methods for Volterra integral equations with periodic solution based on exponential fitting
Angelamaria Cardone, Beatrice Paternoster, Giuseppe Santomauro*

[MSP-019] Large-scale numerical linear algebra and optimization (Organizer(s):Bellavia, De Simone)

Innovative multilevel techniques for structural optimization
Benoit Colson, Margherita Porcelli*, Philippe L. Toint

[MSP-020] Mathematical and numerical modelling in geosciences (Organizer(s):Miglio, Formaggia)

Asymmetry of thermal structure at slow-spreading ridges: plate kinematics, geodynamic and numerical modelling
Marco Cuffaro*, Edie Miglio

[MSP-021] Mathematical methods in decisions, economics, finance and games - I (Carfi, Ricciardello, Schiliro')

Coopetitive models for a global sustainable green economy
David Carfì*, Daniele Schilirò
Circulation of informational flows in organizations
David Carfì, Ileana Ciutacu*
The coherence of anti-crisis solutions in Greece: effects and negative externalities
Ileana Ciutacu*, Daniel Stefan Belingher

[MSP-022] Mathematical methods in Decisions, Economics, Finance and Games -II (Carfi, Ricciardello, Schiliro')

Optimal participation in illegitimate market activities: complete Pareto analysis of 2-dimensional cases
David Carfì*, Angelica Pintaudi
Algorithms for payoff trajectories in C1 coopetitive games
David Carfì*, Angela Ricciardello

[MSP-023] Mathematical methods in decisions, economics, finance and games - III (Carfi, Ricciardello, Schiliro')

Public pension system sustainability
Marinella Cadoni, Alessandro Trudda, Roberta Melis*

[MSP-025] Mathematical modelling in biomedicine I (Organizer(s):Preziosi)

Time delay between RR and RT heart beat intervals assessed by trend extraction of exercise test data
Camillo Cammarota*, Mario Curione
Simulating human cardial electrophysiology with unstructured all-hexahedral spectral elements
Gianmauro Cuccuru, Giorgio Fotia*, Fabio Maggio

[MSP-026] Mathematical modelling in biomedicine II (Organizer(s):Preziosi)

FitzHugh-Nagumo equations with generalized diffusion to model biological neural networks
Anna Cattani*, Claudio Canuto, Luigi Preziosi

[MSP-027] Mathematical modelling in biomedicine III (Organizer(s):Preziosi)

A new probabilistic approach to crowd dynamics for applications in built environment
Alessandro Corbetta*, Andrea Tosin, Luca Bruno
A mathematical model for p53 nuclear accumulation
Jean Clairambault, Luna Dimitrio*, Roberto Natalini

[MSP-029] Mathematical problems in semiconductors and related topics - II (Organizer(s):Muscato, Majorana, Romano)

Simulation of 2D nanoscale double-gate MOSFETs including crystal heating
Vito Dario Camiola, Giovanni Mascali, Vittorio Romano*

[MSP-031] Mathematical problems in semiconductors and related topics - IV (Organizer(s):Muscato, Majorana, Romano)

Hydrodynamic model for 2D-3D electron gas
Vito Dario Camiola*, Vittorio Romano

[MSP-032] Networks and optimization (Organizer(s): Chinnici)

Topological modeling of malware propagation in networks
Vincenzo Fioriti, Andrea Arbore, Marta Chinnici*
A parallel biological neural network of hippocampus region on GPU
Salvatore Cuomo, Pasquale De Michele*

[MSP-033] New problems arising in mathematical modeling of smart and biological materials - I (Andreucci, Carillo))

Some existence and uniqueness results in viscoelasticity: connections with free energies
Sandra Carillo

[MSP-034] New problems arising in Mathematical Modeling of smart and biological materials - II (Andreucci, Carillo)

Modelling of active particles in a mixture of fluids
Giacomo Caviglia, Angelo Morro*

[MSP-037] New problems arising in mathematical modeling of smart and biological materials - V (Andreucci, Carillo)

Diffusion and current-voltage curves in potassium channels
Daniele Andreucci, Dario Bellaveglia*, Emilio N.M. Cirillo, Silvia Marconi
Nonlinear heat transport in nanosystems
Vito Antonio Cimmelli*, David Jou, Antonio Sellitto

[MSP-038] Nonlinear evolution equations: analytical and geometrical methods - I (Organizer(s): Demontis, Ortenzi)

Coupled Maxwell-Bloch equations with inhomogeneous broadening for a 3-level system
Mark J Ablowitz, Sarbarish Chakravarty, Barbara Prinari*

[MSP-039] Nonlinear evolution equations: analytical and geometrical methods - II (Organizer(s): Demontis, Ortenzi)

An inertia 'paradox' for incompressible stratified Euler fluids
R. Camassa, S. Chen, G. Falqui, G. Ortenzi, Marco Pedroni*

[MSP-040] Numerical modelling for engineering applications involving complex fluids and geometries - I (Berrone, Verani)

Algorithms for adaptive particle distributions and multi-resolution in SPH schemes
Salvatore Marrone*, Andrea Colagrossi, Benjamin Bouscasse, David Le Touzé, Daniel Barcarolo

[MSP-041] Numerical modelling for engineering applications involving complex fluids and geometries - II(Berrone, Verani)

Computational models for large contrast problems applied to microscale analysis of tissue engineered constructs.
Laura Cattaneo, Carlo de Falco, Paolo Zunino*
An immersed boundary method applied to cardiovascular simulations
Laura Cattaneo*, Elena Cutrì, Paolo Zunino

[MSP-043] Packing optimization problems in space engineering (Organizer(s):Fasano)

Approximate solutions to the basic 3D-packing MIP model by a non-linear approach
Giorgio Fasano, Alessandro Castellazzo*

[MSP-044] Topics in classical mechanics (Organizer(s):Groppi)

A unified master-equations-based setting for the analysis of chemical reactions
Alessandro Borri, Francesco Carravetta*, Gabriella Mavelli, Pasquale Palumbo
Meteorological fractional models of pollution based on anomalous diffusion
Moreno Concezzi

[MSP-045] Topics in fluid dynamics - I (Organizer(s):De Bernardis)

A mathematical and numerical model for explosive volcanic eruptions
Susanna Carcano*, Luca Bonaventura, Augusto Neri, Tomaso Esposti Ongaro
Droplets spreading under contact-line friction
Lorenzo Giacomelli, Maria Chiricotto*

[MSP-046] Topics in fluid dynamics - II (Organizer(s):De Bernardis)

Spectral gaps for water waves above a corrugated bottom
Valeria Chiado' Piat*, Sergey A. Nazarov, Kejio Ruotsalainen

[MSP-051] Variational methods for problems in applied sciences - II (Organizer(s):Chiado' Piat, Zappale)

Determination of the equivalent anisotropy properties of polycrystalline magnetic materials: theoretical aspects and numerical analysis
Oriano Bottauscio, Valeria Chiadò Piat, Michela Eleuteri*, Luca Lussardi, Alessandra Manzin

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