SIMAI 2010 Proceedings

Participants can submit their contributions to the  elettronic "open source", "quarterly"  SIMAI journal entitled "Communications in Applied and Industrial Mathematics" (CAIM).

As announced in Cagliari, the next two issues of  CAIM will be devoted to the SIMAI-SEMA Conference. The submission deadline for the the first of these issues is September 30, 2010. The deadline for the third and last issue of this year is November 30, 2010

By visiting the WEB Site of the journal under the tab 'Submissions' you can obtain all the necessary instructions for your submission.

Please note that only papers that have not been submitted or published (even partially) elsewere can be submitted to CAIM. Manuscripts will receive a double referee and will be communicated by one of the Members of the CAIM Editorial Board.

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